tiistaina, marraskuuta 21, 2006

To be or not to be...

Hi there, we had a good meeting, didn’t we? You asked me to put down some key ideas regarding our meeting, so here you are!

Always trust the evolving nature of change in your life and work. Move forward by taking the next natural step (the one that feels right). Moving ahead means letting go of where you are. This can take courage. Once one step is taken, the next natural step will become obvious.

Ask, "What do I want to let go of?" An exercise for you: Write on a piece of paper what you wish to let go of and then burn the paper. You with the other members burnt yours in the fireplace. This is a powerful symbolic step to letting go.

And another exercise: Prepare your own “Not To Do List” and have those you work with prepare theirs. After that, in the same way you prepare a “To Do List”, prepare a “Being List” setting out who you wish to BE and the qualities you wish to express. Have your people do the same. Why? BEING comes first. The quality of your being dictates the nature and the quality of your DOING…your actions. The better you are being, the better your actions and the better the outcomes.

Regards, Gordon.